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Compassionate Approaches to Healing

Networking Breakfast

Beyond Survival

Let’s get together and find ways to help survivors of trauma move beyond survival mode and into a new way of living.

We all play a key role in hope and healing.  Together we can make a greater impact on the needs of those we serve.

Dawn of Mercy, Bella House, and St. Vincent de Paul invite you to a networking breakfast to meet others who serve in similar or complementary ways. Share your organization with others and learn what other organizations have to offer.

Listen to a special presentation on key ways to enhance client services presented by Bernice Simmons, LPC:

Changing Patterns of Behaviors: Rewrite the Narrative

  1. Understanding the blueprint of mental health
  2. How to help your clients move from survival brain to the higher-level brain
  3. Help them rewrite the narrative 

St. Rita Catholic

December 4, 2023


St. Rita Catholic Community
Commons Center
12521 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75244

No Fee
Breakfast served

Sponsored by
Dawn of Mercy, Bella House and St. Vincent de Paul



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