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Healing Programs

recovery from trauma

Dawn of Mercy serves women and men who have been harmed by sexual violence, tending to both their emotional and spiritual needs.  Sexual violence includes rape, incest, and/or sexual coercion. 

Healing Groups

Healing Groups

Begin the journey of healing through our trauma recovery Healing Group.  The Healing Group is a learning program which brings an awareness of potential reactions resulting from trauma and teaches coping skills and tools to turn unhealthy thoughts and actions into healthy ones.

  • Women in English
    Begins week of February 2
  • Women in Spanish:
    Begins week of March 9
  • Men in English:
    Begins week of April 27
  • Women in English:
    Begins week of July 13
  • Women in Spanish:
    Begins week of August 17
  • Men in Spanish:
    Begins week of September 14


Our retreat offers a safe environment to tell your story of trauma and to embrace the truth about your self-worth, dignity and goodness.  The retreat will address emotional, mental and spiritual healing.   Discover the healing power of God as it heals the hurt, confusion and despair you are feeling.  Come, renew your dignity!

  • Women in English: June 3 – 5
  • Women in Spanish: November 4 – 5

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Together, the Retreat and Healing Group offer a great healing opportunity.

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