Retreat Feedback:

This retreat was truly a blessing for me! I found hope for a new future and a new beginning for my marriage. I haven’t felt hope in healing this until now.

-- WP

I had searched and searched for a retreat to help me start my healing journey from sexual abuse. For years I felt lonely & that no one understood me. This retreat was God sent and not only helped me on a wonderful path towards healing, it filled me with tons of knowledge that helped me understand what I was feeling was normal. God Bless all those involved in such a great ministry.

-- ZD

If you need a hug from God this is the place to go. There is peace, caring and love in this place.

-- DP

This retreat made me feel safe, heard, and loved. It was wonderful to receive healing for this wound through the Christian faith within a group I trust.

-- VP

Healing Groups Feedback:

– Having completed the ten sessions, I can truly say it was an amazing gift to myself.
– It was helpful to be surrounded by women that face similar struggles.

-- JR

I learned that being angry at myself is like a stop sign to healing and moving forward. I have learned that it’s ok to have emotions and have learned how to handle feeling my emotions through the grounding techniques I learned. I now know that I can progress beyond this shame and fear I have been living with.

-- KA

I recognize I have a lot of work to do, like forgiving offenders, but this group put me on a helpful path forward. I’m very grateful for the facilitators. They were patient and helpful through my feelings of rage, self-pity, disdain, and hopelessness. They reflect the love and patience of Jesus, and it was a blessing to be a part of this group.

-- JR

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Together, the Retreat and Healing Group offer a great healing opportunity.